Julie Strain

I reinvented myself at the age of 28 and have since been merchandised
on everything from a Zippo lighters to interactive CD-ROMs.

It was all carefully orchestrated and planned, originally by me, then
by me in tandem with my ex-husband, publisher, producer and
co-creator of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Kevin Eastman.

Julie Strain Having a doll kiss her ass
Julie Strain Having a doll kiss her ass

Thought of as a genuine cult heroine. My series of action/adventure
and fantasy movies have earned me a fan base that many mainstream
stars envy. I have been featured on television, in music videos, laser
discs, calendars, posters, greeting cards, coffee mug and countless
trading card sets and websites.

You may have seen me on covers and layouts in everything from
Penthouse to Femme Fatales, from Vogue to Cosmopolitan, from
Natural Body Building to American Rodder.

I even taught fine art and photography class at U.C.L.A.
Quickly I became the photographer of choice for
models, Playmates and adult entertainers for their websites.

I was Judge Julie on Playboy TV’s Sex Court.

I am Heavy Metal’s fakk2.

I had to sleep in my truck when I first arrived in Hollywood and
I saw myself as being a “painfully thin ugly duckling” in high school.

How did it happen? “I chose to shoot for Penthouse and with the
seed money and the “Pet of the Year” title, I started my own business.

One of my first movies was Repossessed with Leslie Nielsen and
Linda Blair. “I had two scenes, was paid $100 and had a trailer
with my name on the door. It was the Big Time!”

I did extra work on Bugsy and The Doors, to name only a couple,
as well as a body double for Geena Davis in Thelma and Louise.
“However, Geena started feeling comfortable with the
love scenes with Brad Pitt, so I was paid but never used!”

I grew up in Concord, California. At age 13, I was already six feet
tall and an outstanding athlete, but found adolescence difficult.
“I was a wild kid,” “Always in trouble of one sort or another.”

My first boyfriend after high school was a body builder and, through
him, I began to develop the physique that won me the respect and
admiration I have today. To his credit, he also insisted that I attend
college. I earned an AA degree, with honors.

My body building career was short lived.

Then I lost my past.

It was the result of an accident. I was riding my horse when it was spooked.
I sustained head injuries from the fall that left me with amnesia and very
few clear memories of my past life.

I took some time to recover and travel, while in Las Vegas attending a
championship fight, I was spotted by several entertainment industry
executives who showed enough “real” interest for me to travel to Los Angeles.

And the rest, as they say, is history.

Premier Magazine, observing my list of credits in movies such as Fit to Kill,
Dark Secrets, Day of the Warriors and Sorceress, to name a few, proclaimed
me to be “Queen of the B Movies”. “These movies are straight forward
action/adventure/horror/fantasy and often go straight to pay channels and
home video. As my favorite director, Andy Sidaris, says, ‘Let’s go…bring on the
babes, guns and dynamite…we’re a thousand shots behind!’

My films with Andy are popular and they’ve given me a wonderful, loyal legion
of fans.

I know my strengths and I don’t feel compelled to compromise my standards
or represent myself as someone I’m not.”

Kylie Wylde

Kylie Wylde is a pornstar that was born in United States that is also known under the following aliases: Kylie Wild, Kylie Wilde. She has Blue eyes, Blonde hair, stands at a height of 5′ 2 and weighs in at 101 pounds. When it comes to body shape, her measurements are 32B-22-34. She has the following piercings: Tongue and the following tattoos: Left Arm. Ankles.

Kylie Wilde Fetish Strip
Kylie Wilde Fetish Strip


Midori is easily one of the most famous female African American porn stars. In addition to her other films, she is a singer. Midori’s career began when she had a minor appearance in the Eddie Murphy comedy Coming to America in 1988 (she was one of the bathers).

She was also featured in Rodney Evans’ 1996 documentary The Unveiling, which also features burlesque legend Dixie Evans. The documentary indicates how hard Michele had to work as a dancer to give her best and not just be one of the many.

Adult film career
Although Michele filmed her first hardcore video in 1995 – David Christopher’s Pussyman Auditions 3 – it took her almost one year to decide if she really wanted to be a porn actress. Once she decided to act in porn movies in 1996 she was picked up by Video Team and rapidly built up her career. With Video Team she also wrote and directed her own movies. Midori did work with many other studios as well and has filmed various porn movies to this day.
She was the first female African-American to win an AVN Award for her performance in the porn drama Westside with Lexington Steele and Inari Vachs. In addition Midori is the only African-American actress to have been honored with over 10 awards, titles & nominations in the history of adult entertainment worldwide.

Midori shows her hot firm ass
Midori shows her hot firm ass

Midori often paired with African-American porn stars like Lexington Steele and Mr. Marcus in anal themed films, nevertheless she has her most popular fan-base for her interracial and anal scenes. Midori shot only one lesbian scene with Felecia in Sista 5 at the start of her career in 1996. Since then lesbian themed films with an all-girl cast no longer belong to her repertoire, compared to other famous female porn stars who started their career alongside Midori in the middle of the 90s, including actresses Crystal Knight and India.

Music career
Popularity and success within her porn career has brought her fortune, but Midori continued to work toward a career as a singer. In 1997 she recorded a duet with Oran Juice Jones at Tommy Boy Records. In 1999 she had one track on the Porn to Rock compilation and was a background dancer and singer for Kid Rock. Kid Rock not only became her friend and some time boyfriend, he also produced one track for the Deep Porn (2000) compilation with her. Midori has another track – produced by Wide – on this compilation as well.
In 2000 and 2001 Midori released two CDs. One featuring dance music tracks, the other hip-hop and rap. There are plans to re-release these tracks on one CD. Her latest release in 2003 is the CD single Who’s Hustlin’ Who, Warrior featuring Midori.

For more than 2 years Midori took a break from the adult film business, returning in 2005, trying to further establish her vision of entertainment, i.e. Midori Entertainment.

First female African-American to win an AVN Award

1998: AVN Award “Best Ethnic-Themed Video” (Midori’s Flava)
2001: AVN Award “Best Supporting Actress” (Westside)
2008: Inducted into Legends of Erotica Hall of Fame
2009: Inducted into the AVN Hall of Fame

Taimie Hannum

“I’m sure you might wonder exactly how my name is pronounced. It is said just like Jaimie with a “T”. Or like most like to say ” Tame Me ?”Which could explain me a little better! I was born on October 15th. On an Army Base in Ft. Polk Louisiana. Very short after that we moved back to Mesa Arizona where my family is. I’ve been grateful to have had such a great life. When I was a little girl all I wanted to do was dance! I was in ballet, tap, gymnastics, hula ! I was always the teachers pet even through high school where my dance instructor inspired me to join the Phoenix Jazz Company. I also studied Drama getting most of the lead’s in all of the school plays. In both cases I took so many classes I had to become a teachers aide just because I had already accelerated the courses. I came to LA with a friend on a weekend trip in 1990 and fell in love! ( With The City Of Angels! ).

Taimie Hannum with huge dildo
Taimie Hannum with huge dildo

I gave up my house in Paradise Valley and found an apartment in the middle of Hollywood. Since I loved to dance I took a job at The Hollywood Tropicana ( Yes !! I was a blonde !! ) and from then on I guess you could say the “Bad Girl” side of me really took over! Not to imply that I’m not a good person, I just have a zest for life and I like to live it! After that I dated Rock Stars and hung out at parties with all of the big shots. I love to sit and watch people and I got to see allot! After that I got an offer to go to Japan and model, which was one of the most exciting and growing experiences of my life. I then moved to New York living in the upper-east side and tried to make a go of it . But paying four times the rent that I’m used to – I finally got a cab – jumped in it and moved to Beverly. (Beverly Hills that is !!!) Swimming pools & movie stars ! I just missed LA too much. I came back and started to consider what I was going to do with my future. So I started taking acting classes and hit the road with my Thomas guide and Chocolate ice coffee. For a while when people asked me what I do I said “I Audition !” I have been fortunate in getting roles in movies (look in my movie guide) and been working steadily. I have always had big dreams and am working hard to make them come true!!!!!!!!!!!!!” Lots of Love, Taimie.

Raquel Devine

Raquel Devine is an American actress and model who performs in the adult entertainment industry. She’s reportedly to have been born on August 17, 1967 in the great state of Idaho. She is 5 feet 6 inches in height and approximately 123 lbs. She’s a brunette with brown eyes and measures in at 34 D 25 33. She made her debut in Puritan video Magazine 22 in 1998. She’s gone on to start in such adult films as Free At Last, Babewatch 8, Fuck Pigs 1 to name a few. Her specialty sex acts on film are oral sex, blowjobs, hardcore, fingering, facial cumshots. She’s also co starred with such porn notables as Lucky Benton, Rodney Moore, Carrie Ann, Michael Stefano, Dave Hardman.

Busty Raquel Devine Latex Devil
Busty Raquel Devine Latex Devil

Justine Joli

Joli grew up in St. Louis, Missouri, splitting her summers between a farm in Hannibal, Missouri and Crested Butte, Colorado. One of her pastimes was ballet, as she did this from age 3 to age 15. Another one of her hobbies was tagging and she used to use the handle “Live.”
Justine revealed on the Howard Stern Show and the Fox News program Geraldo at Large that she was molested from age 3 to 10 by three men, one of whom was her grandmother’s ex-husband. Two of the three men were prosecuted and incarcerated. Justine has been in therapy since the age of 13.
In her late teens, she moved to the Greater Los Angles area with her mother.

JustineJoli Techno Fetish
JustineJoli Techno Fetish

While working in the Glendale Galleria in Los Angles, she was recruited by porn director Kris Kramski to do some modelling. According to Justine, Kramski’s hidden motive was to get her in a threesome with him and his girlfriend. Though Justine did not ever do any modelling or film for Kramski, adult talent scout Ray Garcia was forwarded audition photos of Justine. Ray promptly found work for her in adult modelling and films. Her first shoot was with Stephen Hicks. Joli notes that her mother drove her to her audition and all of her jobs for the first six months of her career because, “I was terrified to drive there”.

At the beginning of her career, she worked extensively in men’s magazines, appearing in numerous issues of Penthouse Penthouse and Hustler, shooting six days a week for six months. She appeared on the cover of the March 2002 issue of Hustler and was the September 2007 Penthouse Pet of the Month. She was also a popular web model, appearing on sites such as ALS Scan, Matt’s Models, and Xxx Fetish World.

Her first film shoot was for Andrew Blake During her first several years in adult films, she appeared mainly under the name ‘Swan’ and ‘Hope’, though in her appearances in Andrew Blake’s films, she appeared simply as Justine. Eventually, she adopted the name Justine Joli. “Joli” was a pet name she had for one of her old lovers and means “pretty” in French, while “Justine” comes from her obsession with the Marquis de Sade character, Justine.

In her early work, under the name Swan, she typically had light blonde hair, a schoolgirlish appearance, wore relatively little makeup, and often wore glasses. In later work, under the name Justine or Justine Joli, she has red hair, a glamour or fashion model look, and is more heavily made up and fashionably dressed.

Joli describes herself as bisexual (being “60/40” in her preference toward men and women, respectively) in real life and is particularly noted as a girl-girl actress in adult films. As of 2007, she has not done any boy-girl scenes in an adult film, stating “I’m not comfortable doing boy/girl”. However, early in her career, she did do explicit heterosexual photoset with porn photographer Peter Romero for the website POV Porn,though these photos were later removed from the site at her request. Joli also appears alone in many movies and photosets, either as a glamour or fetish model or in solo masturbation scenes. She’s also done some BDSM porn and in her personal life she has described herself as “hardcore sub”.

Joli has appeared twice on both The Howard Stern Show and The Opie and Anthony Show.

She’s also captured in Edouard Salier’s short movie, “Flesh” which describes the life and death of Manhattan during a fictional 9/11.

Angela Ryan

I am a fetish/pinup model and burlesque performer. i’m 5’5″ with bright red hair and blue/green eyes. i have a very small build and very fair skin. i have my septum pierced and my ears are a 0 guage. i am a cancer with a taurus moon and taurus rising born in the year of the monkey. i am a dreamer, a hopeless romantic, very stubborn, a total dork, lazy, loyal, obsessed with bingo and macaroni and cheese, i over analyze everything, i laugh at myself a lot, and i avoid needless drama at any cost. i don’t talk to strangers or run with scissors, and i always look both ways before i cross the street.

Angela Ryan Latex Smoke
Angela Ryan Latex Smoke

Anastasia Pierce

With pale skin, dark hair and red lips, pornstar Anastasia Pierce is a stunning beauty who often does fetish modeling. At 5’10, Anastasia Pierce is tall and perfectly sculpted — she’s a natural 36C-26-36. Born in Switzerland, Anastasia has appeared in more than 200 adult movies in addition to countless magazines spreads. Anastasia Pierce has her own production company, and she loves latex and anything kinky.

Anastasia Knife Fetish
Anastasia Knife Fetish

Amber Michaels

Born in Germany and adopted at a young age by an American family, Amber Michaels didn’t enter porn as an eager 18-year-old, like many do. She was almost 30 before she made her first adult film. She started performing in pro/am videos in 1998 and it wasn’t long before she was making “mainstream” porn, no doubt in part due to her willingness to do just about anything with just about anybody, combined with her beautiful long blonde hair, pouty mouth and spectacular body.

Amber Michaels Dungeon Masturbation
Amber Michaels Dungeon Masturbation

Her first adult-film was “The Dallas Trip”.
Favorite actors she enjoys working with are Sean Michaels and Mark Davis.
Adopted by an American family and was raised in Miami, Florida.
Served a four- year tour in the US Air Force.
Was a registered nurse before she got into the porn business.
Personal Quote:
[interview at California CES Convension, 1/99] Yes, I like watching sex, period; it’s very erotic. I love watching myself have sex because I am a very passionate and erotic person. I like to see what I do and why it pleases people, and why the guys that I have been with enjoy certain things and then improve on them so I can get even better.

Kelly Wells

Kelly Wells is originally from Illinois and she entered the adult entertainment industry in 2004 when she was twenty. She had failed to do well in college studying psychology, and her boyfriend at the time convinced her to try her hand at dancing. Working as a stripper in Las Vegas, one of Kelly’s slutty colleagues who also performed in adult movies and worked as an escort gave her the number of a porn agent to check out. Kelly made the call and received work pretty much straightaway.

Kelly did her first sex scene on film, which also happened to be her first anal scene, under the rough sex tutoring of Max Hardcore; known for his extreme pornographic movies. According to one interview, Kelly cites Max as telling her, “Hey look, if you can do a scene with me, the rest of porn is a cakewalk.” It turns out Max was right since Kelly’s career catapulted to the top of adult film after her first few movies and she currently has more than 400 adult movie titles to her credit.

Kelly Wells in Smoking Pussy
Kelly Wells in Smoking Pussy

Kelly has performed in a wide range of adult movies including many interracial scenes and she is known for her ability to easily do double anal on film – yes that’s two dicks both up her ass at the same time! In 2004, during the early stages of her career, Kelly performed a double penetration scene with well-hung ebony pornstars Byron Long and Bishop. When asked in one interview what she loves most, Kelly is quoted as saying “I love DP Sometimes I love double anal better than regular Double Penetration.”

Kelly clearly loves what she does for a living; “It’s not so much the money any more. It’s fame- that’s what I want more than anything. I want recognition. And like any good porn whore, or pornstar, whatever you want to call us, everybody who’s good at what they do needs recognition.”

Kelly has most definitely been recognized by the adult entertainment industry and her wealth of fans worldwide. She has been nominated for 10 awards from film titles including Orgasmic Analist (2005), Orgy World 9 (2006), Cuckold (2008) and Gape Lovers 2 (2009) as well as for Best New Starlet (2006) and Unsung Starlet of the Year (2009).

Kelly Wells is still actively performing in adult movies, with an eye toward one day becoming a producer or director.