Amber Michaels

Born in Germany and adopted at a young age by an American family, Amber Michaels didn’t enter porn as an eager 18-year-old, like many do. She was almost 30 before she made her first adult film. She started performing in pro/am videos in 1998 and it wasn’t long before she was making “mainstream” porn, no doubt in part due to her willingness to do just about anything with just about anybody, combined with her beautiful long blonde hair, pouty mouth and spectacular body.

Amber Michaels Dungeon Masturbation
Amber Michaels Dungeon Masturbation

Her first adult-film was “The Dallas Trip”.
Favorite actors she enjoys working with are Sean Michaels and Mark Davis.
Adopted by an American family and was raised in Miami, Florida.
Served a four- year tour in the US Air Force.
Was a registered nurse before she got into the porn business.
Personal Quote:
[interview at California CES Convension, 1/99] Yes, I like watching sex, period; it’s very erotic. I love watching myself have sex because I am a very passionate and erotic person. I like to see what I do and why it pleases people, and why the guys that I have been with enjoy certain things and then improve on them so I can get even better.