Kelly Wells

Kelly Wells is originally from Illinois and she entered the adult entertainment industry in 2004 when she was twenty. She had failed to do well in college studying psychology, and her boyfriend at the time convinced her to try her hand at dancing. Working as a stripper in Las Vegas, one of Kelly’s slutty colleagues who also performed in adult movies and worked as an escort gave her the number of a porn agent to check out. Kelly made the call and received work pretty much straightaway.

Kelly did her first sex scene on film, which also happened to be her first anal scene, under the rough sex tutoring of Max Hardcore; known for his extreme pornographic movies. According to one interview, Kelly cites Max as telling her, “Hey look, if you can do a scene with me, the rest of porn is a cakewalk.” It turns out Max was right since Kelly’s career catapulted to the top of adult film after her first few movies and she currently has more than 400 adult movie titles to her credit.

Kelly Wells in Smoking Pussy
Kelly Wells in Smoking Pussy

Kelly has performed in a wide range of adult movies including many interracial scenes and she is known for her ability to easily do double anal on film – yes that’s two dicks both up her ass at the same time! In 2004, during the early stages of her career, Kelly performed a double penetration scene with well-hung ebony pornstars Byron Long and Bishop. When asked in one interview what she loves most, Kelly is quoted as saying “I love DP Sometimes I love double anal better than regular Double Penetration.”

Kelly clearly loves what she does for a living; “It’s not so much the money any more. It’s fame- that’s what I want more than anything. I want recognition. And like any good porn whore, or pornstar, whatever you want to call us, everybody who’s good at what they do needs recognition.”

Kelly has most definitely been recognized by the adult entertainment industry and her wealth of fans worldwide. She has been nominated for 10 awards from film titles including Orgasmic Analist (2005), Orgy World 9 (2006), Cuckold (2008) and Gape Lovers 2 (2009) as well as for Best New Starlet (2006) and Unsung Starlet of the Year (2009).

Kelly Wells is still actively performing in adult movies, with an eye toward one day becoming a producer or director.