Tall Goddess

It’s 2004, I’m 24 and I’ve been around for quite a while by now, searching the world for challenges, arts, beauty and expressions. I see myself as a creative fetish model, who likes to show off what turns me and others on. My wish, since I can remember, has always been to be a glamorous, desirable model.

Tall Goddess in Hot Leather
Tall Goddess in Hot Leather

I remember my first photos at the age of 15, in the living room of my mum’s apartment, on a carpet, trying to look sexy and delicious. My girlfriend those days and me shot unbelievable many roles of ourselves, posing in bikinis, jeans and whatever else we could find. I enjoyed it so much, I always dreamed of being a glamor model.
I wanted boys to want me, desire me, fantasy about me. With 16 or 17, I had gotten in contact with a few German amateur photographers, following the Betty Page ideal of working for “photo club photographers”.
I never stopped – till today. From the beginning on, I only had the feeling of doing exactly what I wanted to do in life in front of a camera. A little bit later I came up to shock everybody with my, from today’s point of view, “rebellion phase” :
I got into the fetish and BDSM scene, starting to work as a professional dominatrix. A lot of people requested to know, how a young girl at the age of not even 18 years old developed the idea of working as a pro dominatrix instead of going to school. My answer is, that I have always been a person, who wanted to explore freedom, or at least what I thought freedom might be, in every way.
I wanted to know more about the world I have heard of, but never seen up close. The world of fetishes and power, control and desire. The world, in which people let go of themselves, open up and let you see the truest of all faces – the naked one, without any facades. Obsessions and their psychology aspects wouldn’t let me go anymore, I wanted to know as much as I could.
My eyes have witnessed a lot of naked faces, my years have heard a lot of stories, fascinating, unique, sometimes, or maybe often, sad. That thrilled me over the time of 2 years. I enjoyed my work, it was the phase in my life, in which I learned – learned for life…

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